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9th Apr, 2010


Isolation is so boring

As the topic says, it really is. Ever since teagan and I had the massive fight and I moved back home I pretty much have been isolated in a lot of ways.

I am getting bored of wow again so well I'll probally let it be for the time being. Being 80 and all is fun but I don't want to be hardcore and raid which is what most people in my guild seem to be doing. At this time, they are really more like the only ones I talk to now days on a semi-regular basis. I seemed to have just began to drop out of society again.

Manifest I am still unsure what I will do, as well I have little choice but to avoid the meetings until futher notice as they send me into a mixed attack of panic and depressive by the end of things no matter what I seem to try, avoid or otherwise. With my departure of the exec last month and it kind of sucks that I had to leave that way. I wish I could of stayed though. I have yet to still determine if I leave or not, though I know I have to make my mind up soon.

On the front of medicine, the depressive attacks are starting to come under control finally. I am down to 2-3 a day which is getting to be livable again, though the panic attacks are at 4-5 a day on average. Doctor has said to me that he can't help those without risking the depressive and manic attacks playing up so I am going to be sent to a "panic" clinic to try and deal with those. Who knows if it will work or not, though I don't see it helping in the immediate - short term range of things.

15th Apr, 2009


Random Post

Well I haven't posted in a while so it is random?!?!

2nd Jan, 2009


(no subject)

Yoinked from darkyo 

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25th Dec, 2008


Shadow's XMas Message

Merry Xmas

Now if your reading this on xmas, you are very sad and get a gf / bf (what every suits you), and if you have one go get laid tomoz as well yer it's christmas but fuck you need a better life then this.

P.S. Shadow has a new girlfriend now =)

14th Apr, 2008


The way it ended up...

So well I finally did it all in one go. I went over the edge and did what I had been fearing to do for around 18 months now, pushing people to the point they would leave. I am really sorry for doing it, but as much as I feel doing could of ended swingamers, well it had to be done. Yer it caused me to be banned and piss a lot of people off, but it had to be done sometime to prevent the place totally self destructing which would of happened I felt by the end of the year. To kas and jimmy especially I am seriously sorry for putting you though the mess I did. To all those who helped build swingamers to what it was before the mess came crumbing down, please help it become strong like it once was as it can. I am deciding to keep away from everyone for a while so I do get better (thus why I asked jimmy to ban me). But even after, I won't be apart of the staff as the experience in the end has kind of tramatised me in taking responcibility in general.

As for the new house, it's awesome and hoping to have the house warming party and maybe a lan in a few weeks time

12th Mar, 2008



Well I finally did it, I got really stuck into the trolls, though at a heavy cost to myself, and now after stressing out massively after over 50 warnings given I have decided the only way I can keep my health even partly able to given a chance is to ban myself. I wish I didn't have to do it, but yer, unfortually it is the only way to stop myself from doing excessive stuff :(

I will back in swingamers in july!

7th Feb, 2008


Server Issue

I think there maybe an issue with the server, it seems to be running faster then time =/
server running fast then time

2nd Feb, 2008


Under Construction: Mind your head

Started on the swingamers site as I am tired of others starting and then stopping. Got the home page sort of done, news linking into the forum, profile main page, user info showing for each user done. Though still a lot still to do.

Time to go to a party, laterz - shadow out!

29th Jan, 2008


Wanted: One Holiday

Well been busy as of late, work is back and is like I suspected it would, exhausting me and pushing me to limits again. Having also to fix up everyone's computer is doing it futher. Feeling like it is still going down hill. I want my holiday (of what is left of it).
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11th Jan, 2008


Poor Me

Yer, I'm poor again. I spent over $500 today on stuff

$20 on food
$30 on a usb keyboard (for cousin)
$75 DDR RAM (for my cousin)
$130 500 GB Sata HDD
$250 on plushies and that

I think I did more then most girls I know

The plushies and that were:
 1 red yoshi (named kas)
 1 dark blue yoshi (named lewin)
 1 pink yoshi (named tora)
 1 green yoshi (named yoshi <_<)
 1 green giant mushroom
 1 red giant mushroom
 1 FMA pocket watch/ ring/ necklace set
 1 DBZ wallet (needed a new one)

I got them all from nyuanime's shop. So much awesome stuff there and I am going to get ordered the other 4 yoshi's =D. Must have yoshi army!

Also, hate connex so much for a cancelled train, then delayed train. Staying with cousin is awesome, have to go home tomorrow, ummm that's about it, laterz

P.S. I told you  swiftylily you should have come over!

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